If you have connected Dealcode to your HubSpot account, you can display the Dealcode Card directly in HubSpot. Furthermore, you have the possibility to see Dealcode Timeline Events in your deal activities.

What are Dealcode Timeline Events?

In the detailed view of your deals, you will find a list of your activities in HubSpot. Here, all of your logged activities are listed in a timeline (Timeline Events). Events based on Dealcode's calculations can also be displayed in the list. A Dealcode Timeline Event occurs when:

  1. the probability of winning or the

  2. the risk level of your deal has changed.

Make Dealcode Timeline Events visible

Open a deal of your choice and click on the tab "Activities". Then go to "Filter activity". A field will now open with all the filters that can be activated. On the right side of the window you will find the column "Integrations". Dealcode is also listed in this column. Check the box. The Dealcode Timeline Events will now be displayed in the activity timeline of your deals.

Note: You can also activate a filter for certain users for the activities. In order for the Dealcode Timeline Events to be visible, the filter must be set to "All Users".

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