Within the user management settings you are able to create teams, invite users as team leads or give your CRM users sales rep access to Dealcode. Note that at least one team needs to be set in order to make use of AI Analytics.


In the team section you will be asked to create a team when you first get started.

Give your team a title, assign a team lead and add one to as many sales reps as you like to the team. If no team leads has been invited yet, only the admin can be assigned as team lead.

Head over to the next tab "Team leads" to invite users as team leads before being able to assign them to teams.

Team leads

Team Leads can view all deals of sales reps that are within their assigned team(s). Furthermore, they can view the AI Analytics Insights of their assigned team(s). All CRM users can be invited as team leads. Invited users will receive an invitation with instructions via email. Once the invitation is accepted and the registration is successful, the team lead will appear in the list and can get assigned to teams. Removed team leads loose all their permission and the admin will automatically be set as team lead for the corresponding teams.

CRM users

CRM users include all users from your CRM. By default, CRM users are considered as sales reps and can be added to teams. To invite them and give them access to Dealcode, please activate the toggle switch. An email with instructions to set up their account will be sent.

Activated users can be disabled by switching the toggle again and will loose access to Dealcode immediately. Disabled users can be re-activated via toggle switch and will be able to log in with the former login credentials. Please note that no additional email will be sent.

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