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Deal Manager overview
Deal Manager overview
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The Deal Manager gives you an overview of the current sales pipeline. Based on winning probabilities, risk levels and creation date, deals are being sorted and displayed in the different lists.

All open deals and all closed deals list views show all open/closed deals accordingly without any filter applied to them. Please note that admin and team lead users have a different permission level, which enables them to filter the deal manager either by whole company, selected team or themselves. Based on the selection, the deals shown in each of the lists may vary.

Deals to watch

Deals to watch highlights deals with a high chance of winning, that should be considered for actions and monitored accordingly to make sure to close the deal.

Deals slipping away

Slipping away highlights deals with a high risk level that might slip away if you don't manage to reengage the potential customer. High risk level and high winning probability are not mutually exclusive, therefore also deals with a high winning probability can possess a high risk of losing due to inactivity or other factors.

New deals

New deals consists of deals that have been newly created within the last few days.

Recommended activities

Recommended activities are activity recommendations based on our AI. By taking several factors into account, our AI predicts activities for deals that would have a high impact on the winning probability and should therefore be considered as the next step towards closing the deal. Each day, the list gets updated with new activity recommendations.

Close deal recommendations

Close deal recommendations are based on several factors, that indicate a deal is dead and there is no chance of winning it. Deals with this recommendation should therefore be set to closed lost within the CRM. This helps to keep your pipeline clean and shift your focus on deals with a better chance of winning.

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