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Pipeline Health is the third widget within AI Analytics and gives you insights about the condition of your deal pipeline. Right now, you have the option to filter by teams. As it reflects the current pipeline, only open deals are being considered and displayed.

Pipeline KPIs and their definitions

Pipeline Score

Score of your pipeline based on your other pipeline KPIs and deal distribution across the five categories

Est. pipeline value

Accumulated category values of all five winning probability (WP) stages

Total number of deals

Sum of all open deals

Total value

Sum of all open deal related deal sizes

Expected category values

Expected value based on deal size and winning probability

Actual category value

Sum of all open deal deal sizes within the respective WP range

Number of deals in category

Sum of all open deals within the respective WP range

We filter out bad data

All KPIs are calculated based on your open deals as they represent the current pipeline. To calculate those KPIs as precise as possible and due to incomplete or false CRM data we filter out all deals with:

a. sales cycle smaller than 1 day.

b. closed won deals with 0 activities.
c. deal sizes with a value of 0.
d. activities that are not between the deal creation date and close date.

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