What are Activities in Dealcode

Activities in Dealcode represent any tracked or scheduled interaction with you customer that potentially help towards winning a deal. Within Dealcode you can choose from a selection of 12 activity types. Every tracked or scheduled activity needs to have a deal-relation.

What to map

You only need to link relevant CRM activities to the corresponding Dealcode labels (activities). If several CRM activities fall under the same Dealcode label, simply assign multiple CRM activities to that one label.

Example: Phone Call and Video Call can both be assigned to the label "Executed Call".

To help you choose the right activity, each label has a short definition.

Please find them additionally in the table below or directly in the tool underneath the customisable label title. The maximum number of labels in Dealcode is 12. It's up to you how many labels are being mapped to CRM activity types. f you don't track that many activity types in your CRM, but wish to track more you can activate additional types in the next step: Activity Tracking for tracking and scheduling Activities within Dealcode.

Note: Making use of a greater number of activity types, means more precision, which leads to more AI accuracy.

The 12 Dealcode Activity Types and their definition

Executed Call

Successful phone or video calls with prospects and customers

Call Attempt

Failed calls where the contact person could not be reached

Personal Email

Personal email correspondence with a prospect or customer

Automated Email

Newsletters or automated sales or marketing email sequences

Social Media

Personal social media correspondence with a prospect or customer

Physical Meeting

Physical personal meetings or business lunch or dinner

Event Meeting

Personal talks at networking events such as trade shows or summits

Solution Presentation

Personal presentations of product(s) sold and benefits


Setup of a test account, trial registrations or or accompanied trials


Personal offer or contract negotiations and contract discussions


Desk research for leads, contact information or company data

Internal Task

Handover, internal meetings or booking of internal resources

Customise your labels by changing the icon, colour or name

Furthermore we offer you the option to customise your labels by changing the icon, colour or name. Edit the label title by simply clicking on it. The label tag will always remain with the default title. Click on the icon and a pop up with colour and icon selector will appear. Each icon and colour can only be selected once.

1. Change title - 2. Click on icon - 3. Pop up with colour and icon selector

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