To receive updates from Salesforce, there are two additional steps necessary that can only be done manually within Salesforce.

1. Whitelist domain

Dealcode needs to be whitelisted in your settings in order to receive data from your Salesforce. Learn more about Remote Site Settings here.

Please follow the steps below to successfully whitelist the Dealcode domain:

  1. Go to “Setup” settings (Gear icon in top right corner of the Salesforce page)

  2. Enter “Remote” phrase to “Quick Find” field

  3. Click on “Remote Site Settings” in the Search result list (Security section)

  4. Within the “Remote Site Settings”, click the “New Remote Site” button at the top of the list

  5. Fill out the two top fields and hit save:

Remote Site Name


Remote Site URL

6. There should be a new record listed within the table of “Remote Sites” containing the Dealcode values.

2. Install Dealcode packages

The Dealcode packages need to be installed in order to receive the needed data via webhook from your Salesforce CRM. Learn more about unmanaged packages here.

  1. Click the button “Install packages” within the onboarding flow.

  2. Login to your Salesforce admin account

  3. Choose “Install for All Users” and hit the “Install” button (you can ignore the warning)

  4. Salesforce will inform you once the installation is complete

  5. Within “Setup” > 'Installed packages” Dealcode should be displayed

Once whitelisting and the installation of the packages is done, you should be able to proceed with the next step: CRM mapping

No update banner

Once you are done with the complete setup and the initial sync received all the relevant data from your Salesforce CRM, a banner in the navigation bar will appear stating "No Salesforce updates have been received yet". But there is no need to worry right away.

This banner should disappear once a deal-related change in the CRM has been made.
In case it still displays a few minutes after deal-related changes in the CRM have been made, please double check that you whitelisted the Dealcode domain and installed the Dealcode packages correctly. Make another change and wait a few minutes. If it's still displaying, please reach out to our support.

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