Activity Diagnostics
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Activity Diagnostics is the first widget within AI Analytics and gives you insights about the different activity types that play a role in winning a deal. You have the option to filter by a specific time frame and compare one team either with itself (previous period) or with another team.

The displayed value per activity type is the average amount that activity type has been tracked per won deal.

How to read

The top number shows the value for the first selector, whereas the bottom number shows the value for the second selector.

Eg. if you compare team 1 with team 2, the numbers in the bright-coloured boxes display the values for team 1, the pastel-coloured boxes for team 2 accordingly.

The list view below shows up to the last 100 activities that have been tracked.

Clicking on one of the activity type widgets in the top, will activate that activity type and functions as a filter for the table below.

Eg. if you click on the executed call widget, the list view will be filtered by executed calls and only display tracked executed calls and their respective deals.

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